Mercedes Benz
Modular Diagnostic Information System

The modern era of automotive maintenance and repair

We have spared no expense on the latest digitally networked diagnostic tools. Every workstation is complete with internet enabled systems that are able to share your car’s data with ALLDATA, a leading maintenance and repair information service, and allow our technicians direct access to offsite experts to assist in troubleshooting. We also user Snap-In's MODIS (Modular Diagnostic Information System), which incorporates advanced on-board diagnostic capabilities including Domestic and Asian Import Vehicle Communication Software, plus Fast-Track Troubleshooter; the industry's only software that integrates experience-based information with scan tool instrumentation.

We save Volvo owners time and money.

We use the latest dealer computerized diagnostic tool for Volvos, the VIDA (Volvo Interactive Diagnostic) system. With this system we have direct communication between your car and the Volvo Tech Center, where expert Volvo diagnostic technicians can quickly assess any problems or firmware updates. This saves every Volvo owner in the northland the cost and time of a trip to the Twin Cities.

Volvo Interactive Diagnostic