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We go to great lengths to see that environmental hazards are recycled or disposed of properly

We collect our waste oil, filters, used antifreeze and worn out tires for recycling. We also have a supplier who retrieves any oil or solvents in used shop rags. Environmentally-friendly citrus-based products are used to clean parts instead of oil-based or kerosene-based solvents.

Minnesota Power Windsense Program

This means we pay a surcharge on our monthly electric bill that goes to electricity generated by wind power. The cost for wind generated power is still higher than that from coal or hydro, but we believe that clean, renewable energy is essential for the survival of the planet.

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I have long believed that one of the best ways to cut down on waste is to keep maintaining your older car. A well maintained car will pollute less, last longer, and in the long run will cost the consumer less money than replacing cars every few years. Getting the most out of your car or truck is the best value overall.

Jeff Hofslund, owner of Foreign Affairs.